Declaration of the RebootEdit

Hello and welcome to what will become the new and improved Charities Wiki. This wiki has since become a literal 'ghost wiki' (not about ghosts) as no activity has occured since 2011 with the creation of a page about the foreign organization Sri Sringeri Sankara Math on since. This wiki may have been created in 2006, but no activity has occured during the rest of 2011 to mid 2014. In it being 1246 days after the last edit to this wiki, I Riadse96 (who has never worked on this Wiki before) declare this day, June 27th 2014 to be the rebirth of this wiki as in the hope that it may one day be functioning, and helping those wanting to connect with various charities along with infomation regarding those organizations.

An extension of a personal projectEdit

Over the last year and a half, I have been compling the websites of over 1,010 Charites, Foundations, Associations, Organizations, and other good causes in a concept called 'The Great Charity List Project' which would be the beta version of a social media database for finding and exploring such Charitable efforts. The idea would be a link to the cause's Official Facebook page, along with their website, however with some abandonment, I will keep doing this, but shall expand upon the idea further with keeping the current infomation to add even more for when a real database can be created.

Until then, I am happy to announce I am able to use the infomation I have gathered to order to create hundreds of new pages in order to restart this wiki.

New subjects and categoriesEdit

One major new aspect because of the list will be the addition of many new venues for what each Charity is about such as:

  • Animal Rights
  • Children
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Equal Rights/Gay Rights
  • Health or Medical
  • Human Rights
  • Political
  • Religious
  • and many more!