Over the years, the East Adams County Healthcare Foundation has continuously supported the hospital by helping with activities promoting public awareness of hospital services, collecting and distributing memorial contributions and sponsoring a major fund raising event each year with the proceeds designated for a specific preselected hospital project. Over the years the foundation has purchased or made a significant financial contribution to many items of medical equipment such as a blood warmer, IV pumps, blanket warmer, and pulse oximeters. They have also contributed to redecoration of the acute care patient rooms, the purchase of new ambulances for Ritzville, Lind and Washtucna, a new entry ramp for physical therapy, the remodel of the Lind and Washtucna clinics and most recently the installation of automatic door openers at the hospital entrances. The funds raised at the 2006 and 2007 events were used to purchase power exam tables for the Ritzville Medical Clinic. Funds raised at the 2008 event are targeted for a new portable EKG machine. The Foundation’s efforts on behalf of the hospital and clinics have had a significant impact on the hospital’s ability to modernize and update equipment and services.

Currently the major sources of funding for the East Adams County Healthcare Foundation are memorial contributions, individual donations and the annual wine tasting and auction which is held every fall. Through the efforts of the foundation members and generosity of individuals and businesses in the area the wine tasting and auction has grown into an enjoyable and profitable annual event.

Anyone interested in joining the foundation or making a contribution should contact a current board member directly or write to

                                             East Adams County Healthcare Foundation
                                             PO Box 365
                                             Ritzville, WA.  99169.

East Adams County Healthcare Foundation Board Members for 2009 President: Jullie Cain Vice President: Alan Thompson Secretary: Lynn Greenwalt Treasurer: Chuck McCormick Board members: Al Seaton Vivien Seaton Bob Clinesmith Claudia McCormick Karla Gust Chris Clinesmith Michael Broeckel Avia Thompson Karen Meye Janice Sullivan Curt Greenwalt Kim Lewis Melva Eichner

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